Why You Should Avoid Coloured Contacts this Halloween

Why You Should Avoid Coloured Contacts this Halloween

It is Halloween season once again! While it can be tempting to complement your creepy costume with some disposable coloured contact lenses, iSight Optometry in Kelowna recommends skipping the spooky, generic brands.

Coloured Costume Halloween Contacts | iSight Optometry

Eye safety and ocular health should take precedence over an image you are seeking to portray. Remember, contact lenses are considered medical devices. Purchasing coloured contacts or specialty lenses from anyone who does not ask for your prescription or offer proper contact lens fitting from a trained eye professional is not recommended. Enhancing your costume may lead to permanent eye damage if one is not careful, and that is simply not worth taking first prize at some Halloween party.

The Risks Are Not Worth the Reward

Extreme eye pain, redness, discharge, swelling and feeling irritated are just a few of the uncomfortable symptoms one may experience with ill fitted coloured contact lenses. Our eyes are unique and correct measurements need to be taken professionally prior to inserting contacts. Many different brands on the market come in a variety of widths and thicknesses. Some contacts allow more oxygen through and are healthier for longer wear. Other lenses are designed to properly correct unique aspects of a prescription, such as Astigmatism. Anyone who has had a formal contact lens fitting knows the vital importance of washing their hands prior to touching their eyes, their lenses or their case. If you miss this crucial step and have face paint, hair product or Halloween makeup residue of any kind on your hands prior to handling your lenses, you are introducing a host of nasty bacteria into your delicate eye area.

Scratching Your Cornea

An innocent add-on such as cheap coloured contacts can wreak havoc on your eye health. It is possible to trap mascara, makeup debris and even pet or human hair under the contact lens and accidentally scratch the surface of your eye. Keratitis can occur when the cornea becomes infected. The eyes can feel gritty and sore after minimal contact. Ensure you listen to your body and never place foreign objects such as generic coloured contact lenses in your eyes. Never try on a pair of coloured contacts or any contact lenses that are not yours. Sharing contact lenses with friends and family is a huge “no-no!” It can invite a wealth of avoidable eye trauma into your life.

Top Ways To Increase Your Chances Of An Eye Infection

Contact lens safety is first and foremost at iSight Optometry. We believe in educating our clients to set them up for success. This means every aspect from hygiene, cleaning, disinfecting and storing your lenses is covered to ensure that your eyes are protected at all times. Over-wearing your contacts, falling asleep with them in your eyes, not using the proper disinfecting tactics and mishandling your lenses can all have detrimental effects on your eye health. It is important to seek professional help as soon as you notice anything is amiss. Many eye problems require wearing glasses and skipping contacts during the healing process. Antibiotics may be necessary depending on the type of eye infection or bacteria you have encountered.

Professionally Fitted Contacts Are Easy To Manoeuvre

We have all heard stories of contact lenses flipping around to the back portion of the eye or becoming trapped temporarily under the eyelid. This can occur when lenses are fitted improperly or people believe the “one size fits all” mentality. The lenses can be too loose and blink out or simply feel as though they are swimming around your eyeballs; alternatively, they may feel like they are suction-cupped on for eternity. This is unpleasant and downright dangerous if you require a prescription for driving, or seeing clearly.

iSight Optometry in Kelowna can offer you a safe and healthy way to expand your contact lens experience. Our friendly and professional team can assess your eye health during a comprehensive eye exam and help you determine which type of coloured contacts will best suit your needs. Certain clients require more moisture and suffer from chronically dry eyes. Other clients work in very dusty, particulate- rich environments and prefer daily replaceable disposables as opposed to weekly or monthlies. Our dedicated team will consider your lifestyle in order to recommend the most comfortable contact lenses that are suitable for your eyes. Avoid purchasing your coloured contacts from any costume stores, pop-up Halloween specialty shops or online for best results.

Book a contact lens appointment at iSight Optometry instead and who knows…you may find yourself safely enjoying coloured contacts year round! Call 250-860-2020