How Blue Light Glasses Help Your Eyes

How Blue Light Glasses Help Your Eyes

It’s hard to go a single day now without looking at some kind of screen—our phones and computers in particular. In fact, the average office worker spends 1,700 hours each year in front of a screen. This equates to roughly seventy days or almost two months of doing nothing other than looking at a computer screen. It’s no surprise then that people are booking an eye exam appointment more frequently. 

Because of this screen time, people are having more problems with issues like eye strain, headaches, and even insomnia. One potential factor that seems to cause issues is the blue light emitted from these screens, but how can you deal with it? We discuss some solutions below. 

Time for an Eye Exam Appointment or Blue Light Glasses? 

Blue light is, by default, emitted from most screens due to the way LED screens work. A simple solution to treating this is with blue light glasses. You can request that your new lenses have a blue protect anti-reflection coating, doing this acts as a solution for anyone dealing with the eye strain associated with the blue light from screens. Additionally, we have a new contact lens at iSight which has technology built in to help with filtering blue light and UV rays. Whether you prefer glasses or contacts, you will have options to reduce your eye strain with blue light blocking technology.

Basically, this new technology absorbs or blocks blue light (or even UV light in some cases) from reaching your eyes. This helps to cut down any strain you might be having from electronic screens.  

However, you should get your eyes looked at (pun intended) by an optometrist if you’re having problems with eye strain and headaches. iSight Optometry even has a referral program that can help you earn up to $120.00 off on eye care products! Start sending family or friends to us and receive $20 more off glasses and sunglasses for each person you refer.  

eye test during eye exam appointmentGet Your Eyes Treated Professionally 

Of course, blue light glasses may not be the best solution if you’re consistently suffering from eye strain. Booking an eye exam appointment to see an optometrist is still the best bet for getting the specific help you need. An optometrist can get an accurate assessment of any eye issues you might be having and provide the medical treatment you need to get your eyes back to their proper health.  

Blue light glasses can provide a simple way to deal with eye strain from screens, but you should always see an optometrist if issues persist or worsen. 



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