iSight Optometry: UV Eye Protection in the Okanagan

Living in Kelowna and the Okanagan in general, we are fortunate to enjoy copious amounts of sunshine. While many of us often remember to use sunscreen on our skin or wear a hat, it is vital not to forget to protect your delicate eyes. Short term and long term UV radiation exposure can dramatically influence your eye health. The caring professionals at iSight Optometry on Harvey Avenue want to help ensure you and your family do not suffer from compromised vision. There are many eye conditions that may be caused or worsened by UV exposure including:

*Cataracts: This condition can occur when the lens of the eye, the component responsible for focusing light, becomes clouded. UVB rays in particular can increase the risk factors for developing certain kinds of cataracts. Approximately ten percent of all cataract cases are directly attributed exposure to UV rays.

*Macular Degeneration or AMD: This the main cause of age-related blindness. UV light exposure can increase your chances of developing this disease which occurs when the retina becomes damaged.

*Photokeratitis: aka “snow blindness” or corneal sunburn can occurs from short term exposure to UVB rays. Spending long days on the ski hill or on the lake without adequate eye protection can lead to this painful condition that can lead to temporary vision loss.

I Can See Clearly Now the UV Rays are Gone!

Did you know that prolonged UV exposure has also been linked to skin cancer inside the eyelids and surrounding tissue? Spring is the perfect time to do an inventory of your sunglasses and upgrade if necessary. iSight Optometry has a great selection of lenses for every member of your family. Style is only a part of the equation…your eye health is the main priority. We carry professional lines including: Maui Jim, SPY, Oakley and Ray Ban to ensure complete broad spectrum coverage. Our central location on Kelowna’s main drag means it is easy and convenient to stop in and try on your favourite frames at your convenience. We are here Monday to Friday!

Choosing the Right Pair

We encourage clients to read the label to ensure that the sunglasses they fell in love with are blocking out 100% of UV rays. Many pairs concentrate more on fashion and are not that functional. How do you choose the right pair of sunglasses? You can’t judge a pair by how dark the lenses look so don’t be fooled by appearance. We only have one pair of eyes therefore; taking care of them should hopefully be a top priority! Your pupil is in charge of how much light enters the eye. When you don a pair of darkened lenses, your pupil has to open to accommodate more light. If you are relying on a less expensive pair of glasses that do not block all the UV rays…you may actually be susceptible to more damage as you are letting more UV exposure reach the back of your eye. Our dedicated team of Optometrists and eye care specialists can ensure you choose a pair that fits you correctly and provides maximum coverage.

Protect Your Eyes All Year Long

Don’t forget that UV rays are abundant every single day. iSight can help you protect your eyes from the sun all year long. Cloudy days may seem less dangerous; however, UV rays penetrate regardless. Figuring out a great hat and sunglasses combination now can save you in the future. Instilling positive habits in your children may save their eyes when they become seniors. iSight Optometry in Kelowna can help you set a great example with our extensive selection of comfortable frames and sensational lenses. We have polarized options and non-polarized selections to suit every taste and budget. Combat crow’s feet and look and feel your best! We can’t wait to show you our latest selection!

Call iSight Optometry today to book yourself in for a comprehensive eye exam. We look forward to working with you and your family!