Did Your Kids Pass School Eye Sight Tests? Need an Expert Opinion?

Did Your Kids Pass School Eye Sight Tests? Need an Expert Opinion?

Many Okanagan schools offer vision screening tests for their students. This very basic eye test primarily focuses on vision acuity and sharpness, colour blindness and whether a refractive error may be present. It does not replace a comprehensive eye exam or enable the practitioner to perform many professional tests. Parents may receive a newsletter stating the date of the eye exam, often sometime in September or October. It can be a real shock when the results are sent home with a note that your child did not pass their vision screening or have a note recommending booking a more thorough exam. iSight Optometry is conveniently located in central Kelowna and would be happy to schedule comprehensive testing for each member of your family. Children 0-18 years have a portion of their eye exams covered by MSP.  We always recommended booking your eye exams with a qualified Optometry clinic as mobile testing does not include the various equipment we rely on to determine overall eye health along with vision capabilities.

Early Detection in Kelowna

Did you know that it is recommended that children have their first eye exam at 6 months old, another at 3 years and at 5 years old? Determining vision, focusing, tracking abilities, binocular vision and similar close up skills required for reading can set your child up for success in class. Many children considered inattentive or disruptive are simply unable to focus (literally!) on their printing, art, reading, gym, writing and math skills due to nearsightedness, farsightedness or Astigmatism issues. Help your child fulfill their learning potential by giving them the gift of clarity. Eyesight can change very gradually for some and children often never complain about blurriness.

What To Expect from Expert Kelowna Optometrists

Our office aims to educate and keep the eye testing appointment fun and engaging. There is nothing uncomfortable about the entire procedure and our pediatric clients can often be heard laughing their way throughout their exam. We will thoroughly assess your child’s vision ability and have a close look at their optic nerve and overall eye health. Comprehensive medical eye exams cover the following:

  • Medical history
  • Neurologic visual field testing
  • Measurements of visual acuity near and far with and without glasses
  • Colour vision
  • Focusing ability
  • Extraocular muscle testing
  • Eye pressure testing
  • Binocular vision
  • Microscopic exam of the front portion of the eye
  • Microscopic exam of the back portion of the eye including the retina
  • Pupillary testing and measurements
  • Subjective and objective measurement of refractive state
  • Professional assessment and action plan

Signs of Vision Problems In School

It is great to check in with your child’s teacher during parent teacher interviews and to communicate on a regular basis. If your child is requesting to sit at the front of class, comes home with headaches, seems frustrated more easily than normal with homework or is constantly squinting, these are good indications that it is time for booking an eye exam.

We are committed to providing a welcoming and warm atmosphere. Call us today to schedule your eye exam. Dr. Kettner, Dr. Gautier and Dr. Westfall are standing by to confirm the results from your back to school vision testing and give you the second opinion you deserve. The entire professional team at iSight Optometry looks forward to seeing you soon!

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