Meet the iSight Optical Team


Rich moved to Kelowna in 1992. I Sight Optometry was fortunate enough to welcome him to the practice 10yrs ago. His 33yrs of experience has proven him to be a master technician. He is an excellent problem solver with a critical eye for detail. He is a natural leader, a mentor to his colleagues.

Soccer became a passion of his at a very young age. He is currently an avid fan, player, and coach. Rich is active in the community having volunteered his time and skill to coach women’s soccer for the past 10yrs. He is presently petitioning for the office dress code to allow soccer shorts. His athletic endeavors don’t stop at the field. Rich is a disciplined runner and set to complete his 3rd marathon in October.

Interestingly enough there are 2 clones of Rich living in Kelowna! Together he and his sons enjoy camping on the river, fishing, dining on sushi, and the occasional music concert.


Dialma was born in Venice Italy, her family immigrated to Canada in 1957. Her family made Whiterock home at that time and she has always held it close to her heart. Her frequent visits to the coast always include a compulsory walk down the pier. She enjoys camping, going to the gym, and enjoys outdoor music festivals. Her new puppy Cheri keeps her on her toes, often surprising Dee with mischievous behavior!  Dialma’s pride and joy is her son, who is presently living in New Zealand adding a specialty in pediatrics to his ophthalmology degree. Flights are booked, she will be visiting him and his wife soon.

Her career in optics spans 36 years. Dee has made I Sight Optometry her home for the past 23 years and has been instrumental in the changes and improvements the office has seen.  Dee is a skilled and knowledgeable optician with a keen eye for style. She is compassionate and genuinely cares for those around her.


Born and raised in Kelowna, Cyril has been in the optical industry for over 25 years. He is dedicated to his profession as an optician and lab technician. Cyril is also a licensed contact lens technician in B.C.  Cyril’s “claim to optical fame” is his unsurpassed customer service. He sets the bar when it comes to people pleasing and raises everyones game to strive to match it.  When not working on your glasses, he in live on stage with his Bass in one of his bands around Kelowna, or off enjoying a hike. Cyril also spends time volunteering for his daughters Ringette team.

Cyril really enjoys a good practical joke and can give as well as receive.  He has a huge following at I Sight based on his knowledge, caring, and love for what he does best, taking care of our patients.


Shannon, how should we describe her? Upon first glance she looks like she’s in her early twenties, quiet, shy and reserved. Quite a surprise when she arrives to work with bruises, cuts, and scrapes from mountain biking on trails where only experienced riders go. She says she’s going back. And ask her about the quickest method to get into a swimming pool!

Shannon is a busy mom of two young active boys. She has been with the practice for one year, with a total of 14 years experience. Her knowledge in optics is vast and her care for patients is admirable. Shannon brings to our office a big smile, gentleness, and fresh new ideas of how we can enhance patient care.


We are very excited about the newest member of our team, Corrina. She is a proud mother of three. Born and raised in Kelowna she has a very strong sense of community and is familiar with the Okanagan lifestyle.

A friendly smile and genuine laugh are Corrina’s trade marks. Her favorite time of year is fall. When she can bust out her boots and eat pumpkin spiced everything, especially cheesecake. She is very fashion forward with a flair for accessorizing, leading to her natural ability to find our patients the perfect pair of glasses.

Being our team’s newest member, she brings with her 21yrs of optical experience. With that experience comes a great sense of professionalism, new and exciting ideas which we gladly integrate into our systems for an even better patient experience.