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iSight Optometry: Proud Silver Award Recipient From Optometry Giving Sight

As your Kelowna optometrist, we’re proud to give back to our community and beyond. iSight Optometry is committed to numerous sustainable eye care projects. While many in North America may take vision privileges for granted, millions of people around the globe are much less fortunate. Our dedicated team participated in the 2017 World Sight Day […]

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Myopia, Hyperopia & Presbyopia: Understanding Your Optical Condition with iSight Optometry

Your Kelowna optometrist understands how difficult it can be to navigate with less than optimal vision. Our eyes can change extremely rapidly or gradually over time. The brain does an amazing job processing the information we visually receive. Many clients are shocked to find out they require prescription treatment. If your comprehensive eye exam revealed […]

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Farsightedness: How Far Are You Holding Your Reading Away From You These Days?

We have all seen it…people holding their menus, maps and cell phones at arm’s length, desperately trying to make out the print. Hyperopia or farsightedness is a common refractive condition that can causes distant objects to become clearer than closer objects. However, not everyone experiences this eye condition in the same way. Farsightedness can affect […]

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Did Your Kids Pass School Eye Sight Tests? Need an Expert Opinion?

Many Okanagan schools offer vision screening tests for their students. This very basic eye test primarily focuses on vision acuity and sharpness, colour blindness and whether a refractive error may be present. It does not replace a comprehensive eye exam or enable the practitioner to perform many professional tests. Parents may receive a newsletter stating […]

Kelowna Optometrist | iSight Optometry Boxing Sale & Christmas Shopping Kelowna

Kelowna’s Last Minute Christmas Shopping & Boxing Week Sale!

Tis’ the season to score some great deals on your new glasses during iSight Optometry’s Boxing Week Sale in Kelowna. Join us and treat yourself to a fresh look for the New Year! We have an extensive selection of Men’s, Woman’s and Children’s frames. Take care of everyone in your family with one simple stop [...]
Kelowna Optometrist | iSight Optometry Use Your Benefits before Year End | Kelowna Optometrist

Use Your Benefits Before the End of the Year – Visit Your Kelowna Optometrist

Now is an excellent time to check into your current benefit package and see what is remaining on this year’s vision care plan. The old saying “use it or lose it!” applies to many vision insurance benefits. If your company has a flexible spending account or FSA it is essential that you check that you […]

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Why You Should Avoid Coloured Contacts this Halloween

It is Halloween season once again! While it can be tempting to complement your creepy costume with some disposable coloured contact lenses, iSight Optometry in Kelowna recommends skipping the spooky, generic brands.  Eye safety and ocular health should take precedence over an image you are seeking to portray. Remember, contact lenses are considered medical devices. […]

Kelowna Optometrist | iSight Optometry Kelowna Optometrist Explains: Where Eye Colour Comes From

Kelowna Optometrist Explains: Where Eye Colour Comes From!

Our eyes are extremely unique and simply amazing! They begin to form a mere two weeks after conception and continue to change throughout our lifetime. Babies are first born with no melanin in their eyes, providing them with an initial bluish colour. It takes a few years for the permanent eye colour to come into […]

September 12, 2017 News, Optometry Advice
Kelowna Optometrist | iSight Optometry Nearsighted Farsighted - Kelowna Optometrist | iSight Optometry

The Differences Between Nearsightedness and Farsightedness

If you have been recently diagnosed with either of these conditions, you may have some questions as to what these medical conditions actually mean in terms of eye functionality. Many people who have lived with these conditions are unaware as to why they affect their eyesight. Getting your eyes checked regularly will ensure that these […]

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Win a Back to School Shopping Spree from iSight Optometry!

Want to WIN $400 to Orchard Park Mall for back to school shopping + a NO charge Eye Exam!?? …we thought so!

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