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The best eyeglasses for your face shape

Choosing a pair of frames is about more than just function, eyeglasses have really become an expression of our personal style. The right frames can be a fashion statement, although they are essential for your eyesight, they’re an accessory all the same.  So choosing correctly is extremely important. We all have different face shapes, and there are […]

April 21, 2015 News
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World Glaucoma Awareness Week

March 8th – 14th is World Glaucoma Awareness Week and since glaucoma is the second most common cause of preventable vision loss in seniors, Optometrists are urging Canadians to get their eyes examined. After all, early detection can help control the disease. What are the symptoms? There aren’t any! Glaucoma often develops gradually and painlessly without noticeable symptoms until vision loss […]

March 13, 2015 News
Kelowna Optometrist | iSight Optometry

Got something in your eye?

When it feels like you have something in your eye….. go straight to your optometrist!   Every day we see a least one patient who complains of feeling like something is in their eye. Whether they have been referred from a walk-in or family medical practice, or directly called our office themselves, we routinely see […]

March 3, 2015 News
Kelowna Optometrist | iSight Optometry diabetic retinopathy

Diabetes Discovery – With routine eye examinations

A man in his mid-40s came into our clinic wanting to get new glasses. He felt that his vision was changing quickly and he attributed this to “being over 40”. Upon checking his spectacle prescription, I confirmed that there was indeed a dramatic change. As we do with every eye examination, I also evaluated his […]

February 17, 2015 News
Kelowna Optometrist | iSight Optometry Dr. Stephanie Gautier with her daughter

Infant/Pediatric Eye Exams at iSight Optometry

Two years ago I had my first child, Alex, and seven months ago my daughter, Anna. For someone who was always healthy, I never saw much of my healthcare providers. Once I had my little ones I found myself going to see our family doctor for their regular wellness checks, our health clinic for their […]

December 12, 2014 News

I Can’t Wear Contact Lenses Because of My Astigmatism (and other myths about Contacts Lenses)

There seems to be a lot of misconceptions out there about contact lenses, we want to dispel some of those myths. The following are some of the most common myths about contact lenses. 1. I can’t wear contact lenses. Have you been told you can’t wear soft contact lenses because you have astigmatism or because you […]

December 8, 2014 News
optimal optometry machine isight kelowna

What is an Optomap?

Have you ever wondered what your eye doctor sees when he or she looks at the “back of your eye”. With optomap retinal imaging you will have the opportunity to see your retina and review the image with one of our optometrists. iSight Optometry is proud to be one of the few clinics in Canada […]

Meet the iSight Optical Team

Rich Rich moved to Kelowna in 1992. I Sight Optometry was fortunate enough to welcome him to the practice 10yrs ago. His 33yrs of experience has proven him to be a master technician. He is an excellent problem solver with a critical eye for detail. He is a natural leader, a mentor to his colleagues. […]

Eyelid twitching isight disease

Why Do My Eyes Twitch?

A very common condition our patients present with is a twitching eye. Patients will often note that their eye periodically “twitches”, “vibrates” or “quivers”, uncontrollably. Clinically, this condition is called eyelid myokymia. Though these unexpected quivers can be annoying, they are not painful. What causes eyelid myokymia? Eyelid myokymia is the result of repetitive bursts […]

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