Sunglasses for Women

Be it Fashion forward or geared towards outdoor activities, we have a wide selection of sunglasses for ladies in the Okanagan. Classic designer lines and shapes as well as sport specific sunglasses are available. We can match your sunglass style and needs to your specific Okanagan lifestyle be it polarization, transitions, golf, tennis, water sports or just enjoying the day!

Sunglasses for Men

From Sport-Specific to Classic designer styles, we can custom match your sunglasses to your specific needs: polarized, golf tints, high wrap for extreme sports, driving, marksmanship, water activities, motorsports, or just enjoying the Okanagan lifestyle. Custom options available for lens shape, materials and tints.

Sunglasses for Children

We have the durable sunglasses that kids need for exceptional sun protection. We want your child to have full UV protection, and be the coolest dude or dudette on the playground!

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