Eye Exams

Management of Ocular Disease

Early detection is crucial to maintaining good vision and healthy eyes. Your Optometrist works closely with both family physicians and Ophthalmologists to provide you with the best managed care. Common ocular conditions that are screened for, monitored and managed include Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, Cataracts, Keratoconus, Retinal Detachments or disease.

Co-Management of Ocular Implications of Systemic Disease

Our Optometrists work closely with your family physician and/or Ophthalmologist to screen for and manage conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, autoimmune disease (ie. rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, lupus), patients taking high-risk medications (ie. Plaquenil®, prednisone).

Children's Exams

When it comes to your child’s vision, what could be more important? One in five children has a vision disorder. Not knowing any differently, many of these children accept poor vision and other eye ailments as normal. If left unchecked, serious long-term effects can result.

Children should have their first complete eye exam at six months of age, at three years, before entering school and regularly thereafter.

At iSight Optometry, we are completely equipped to test your child’s eyes even if he/she does not know how to read. Vision screenings offered by family doctors and the school district are a great tool in detecting certain eye conditions, but a full examination of visual function and ocular health by an optometrist provides a much better indication of overall eye health. Many serious eye conditions don’t have any obvious symptoms. A thorough eye exam by an optometrist is the only way to know for sure

Emergency Eye Care

Do you have a red or painful eye? Are you noticing a sudden increase in floaters? Are you experiencing a sudden decrease or loss of vision? Contact us. iSight Optometry is proud to offer emergency eye care. Our Optometrists will promptly assess your eyes. They work closely with the local Ophthalmologists and can expedite the referral process should you require further treatment.

Dry Eye Treatment

Dry eyes are extremely prevalent for people living in the Okanagan. Symptoms of dry eye can range from mild irritation to decrease vision and corneal damage. We offer several dry eye therapies including nutraceuticals, topical therapy (prescription and non-prescription products), punctual plugs and Restasis® and Xiidra®.

Lasik, PRK and Surgical Co-Management

Thinking of having laser vision correction? We provide pre-operative evaluation and post-operative care for refractive surgery. We work closely with your Ophthalmologist to ensure your eyes achieve the best outcome possible.

Required Examinations

iSight Optometry is fully equipped for all professional licensing visual testing (as required for driver’s license, professional licensing tests such as RCMP and pilot)

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