2021 Trends in Sunglasses and Frames

2021 Trends in Sunglasses and Frames

Originally just for correcting vision, eyewear has since grown to be considered a part of fashion as well. In fact, this trend doesn’t just include prescription glasses, but both adult and children’s sunglasses as well.

Below, we break down some of the major and current trends of 2021 so you can stay on the up-and-up with the most popular styles of the year.

1. Using Neutral Shades and Soft Colours

Even children’s sunglasses are starting to adopt this trend of fewer bold, bright, and flashy colours. Instead, common nursery colours like lavender, pale pink, and sky blue are some of the trendiest in eyewear right now. The tortoiseshell pattern also continues to be a popular choice for all kinds of eyewear as well.

2. Oversized Eyewear

Bigger is better this year, so if you want to make a statement with your eyewear this is the way to do it. Don’t worry about the size either—you can get lighter frames that won’t dig into your nose, but can sit lower so you can see more through your lenses or simply have more eye protection.

We offer a variety of styles to choose from for both sunglasses and eyewear from all the major brands including Oakley’s, Ray-Ban, Kate Spade, and many more.

Young woman with oversized-sunglasses from the 70s

3. Minimalistic Frames

Minimalism hasn’t just taken over home decorating or architectural design this year, it’s also extended into eyewear as well. Discreet frames are all the rage this year perfectly complementing the neutral shades and soft colours trend.

4. More Use of Geometric Shapes and Classic Designs

Some styles remain timeless year over year, and many of those designs are some of the most popular this year. Aviator-style glasses are one of those styles as are many of those that were popular in the 70s like round and square-shaped glasses which have also made a resurgence in 2021.

Butterfly and cat-eye-shaped frames are also back with a slight change to the cat-eye design to have narrower lenses—thus creating a more dynamic and angular look.

Overall, the major trends of this year all have an element of minimalism and being conservative where the shape and style of eyewear is where people are choosing to express their creativity and personality.



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