iSight Optometry: Proud Silver Award Recipient From Optometry Giving Sight

iSight Optometry: Proud Silver Award Recipient From Optometry Giving Sight

As your Kelowna optometrist, we’re proud to give back to our community and beyond. iSight Optometry is committed to numerous sustainable eye care projects. While many in North America may take vision privileges for granted, millions of people around the globe are much less fortunate.

Our dedicated team participated in the 2017 World Sight Day Challenge for Optometry Giving Sight and we are thrilled to be named as a Silver Award recipient!

Thank You Staff & Clients!

Not everyone has access to healthy vision services. Taking part in the World Sight Day Challenge has helped to transform the lives of more than 600 million people who are visually impaired or blind, providing them access to an eye exam and the gift of sight with a pair of glasses.

Financial contributions are utilized to help train local eye care professionals. Donations are additionally used to create vision centres in communities that are less fortunate. Providing affordable glasses and vision care throughout locations where these amenities do not currently exist would not be possible without the support of our clients and our team.

Optometry Giving Sight

Did you know that Optometry Giving Sight is currently funding 47 different projects in 24 countries and are responsible for helping to support more than 117 projects in 39 countries? Funding currently supports nine Colleges or Schools of Optometry around the globe.

We are excited to announce a newly opened education centre in Haiti; projected to graduate 80 new locally trained eye care professionals over the next decade. This translates to the ability to offer comprehensive eye care to approximately 360,000 Haitians each year! This is just one of the many exceptional projects Optometry Giving Sight contributes to, thanks to support by the optometric profession.

Keep Donating Your Unused Eyewear!

We completely understand how annoying and frustrating it can be when your vision prescription changes. While many prescriptions remain stable for years, puberty, hormones, new medications or medical conditions and age can dramatically affect our vision.

iSight Optometry in Kelowna reminds clients that your old glasses never go to waste. Feel satisfied knowing that you are giving the gift of sight to someone else in need around the world. Affordable eye care is something we commonly take for granted. Imagine being days away from the nearest city or eye doctor. Sadly, this is the reality for many around the world. iSight Optometry in Kelowna can help you make a difference. Be sure to bring your old glasses with you when you are shopping for new frames or lenses. Our devoted team will ensure they can help someone else in need.

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Luckily for us, we have the means to deal with vision related headaches, eye strain, squinting, blurriness and a host of other eye issues including double vision and refractive issues. Our eyes have the majestic ability to accommodate and compensate. Even if you are not noticing any vision changes, it is essential to maintain consistent eye exams for each of your family members. Our eye health effects our entire lives.

iSight’s comprehensive eye exam checks all facets of your vision and ocular health. Many issues have zero symptoms and may only be detected with a thorough eye exam. Kelowna eye doctors care about your quality of life.

Book an eye exam at iSight Optometry today! We look forward to seeing you and your family soon!