6 Ways to Maximize Your Vision Care for Healthy Eyesight

6 Ways to Maximize Your Vision Care for Healthy Eyesight

We’d all love our vision to stay at 20/20 forever. While that currently isn’t possible, with the proper preventative vision care, regular vision care, and early detection of eyesight issues you can ensure your vision stays clear and focused for as long as possible.

Take Actions on Preventative Vision Care: Find Out and Discuss Options Related to Your Family History

We don’t get to decide what genes we’re born with, so we just have to manage the good and the not so good and that includes vision issues. It’s important to let your optometrist know of any pre-existing or family conditions as soon as possible. They can help you with any preventative vision care or treatment that may be helpful for you to do early on.

Prevent Your Vision from Aging Faster: Wear Your Sunglasses

Not only do sunglasses make you look cool, but if they have UV protection they also serve the very important purpose of protecting your eyes. This is especially important when you’re out on the water or spending time in the snow for long periods when the sun is out as the UV rays can reflect off these surfaces and damage your eyes. When purchasing sunglasses, look for ones that block out 99 to 100 percent of both UV-A and UV-B radiation.

Quit Smoking As Soon As Possible

Smoking is widely known for being terrible for your health, especially your lungs, but did you know it’s also really bad for your eyes as well? Smoking increases your risk of developing severe eye conditions that can cause vision loss or blindness. These conditions include the development of cataracts, age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and glaucoma. Find ways to quit smoking right away to prevent long-term damage to your eyes.

Man at mill wearing PPE for eye health

Wear the Necessary Protective Eyewear at Work

Personal protective equipment (PPE) exists for a reason, especially in workplaces. It’s important to wear the recommended PPE each time it’s encouraged (or required) to wear. Workplaces like mills, mines, or other industrial plants often have unpredictable or dangerous materials and wearing the proper eye protection can not only save your eyes but even your life.

Keep Your Exercise Regular and Consistent

This is one tip you’ve already heard many times before how important regular exercise is. What you might not have known, however, is how it also benefits your vision. Consistent exercise helps regulate blood flow and lower intraocular pressure and therefore helps keep your vision healthy.

Regular Eye Exams

Finally, it’s important to get a check-up with regular eye exams from an optometrist. These exams can catch major issues before they become serious problems and keep your vision in good health for longer.



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