How to Get Rid of an Eyelid Stye

How to Get Rid of an Eyelid Stye

Having a stye in your eye can be a painful and extremely uncomfortable situation. This fairly common issue can occur from dust or makeup particles, poor hygiene issues or a bacterial invasion from improper contact lens usage. Due to the oil and sweat glands situated within your eyelashes, a temporary blockage can occur and cause a pimple-like sty to develop. A red, swollen, red and puffy eyelid may result as bacteria in the blocked gland try to invade. While it can be tempting to try and squeeze or drain the infection by piercing it, this is definitely not recommended. You may accidentally cause more damage by causing the infection to spread and may inadvertently end up scarring your eyelid in the process.


Soothing Remedies

One of the quickest ways to provide some relief is to use a clean, warm compress on the infected area. Lie down for 10 minute intervals and place the warm compress on your eye. Alternatively, you could use a tea bag. Camomile tea bags are a great choice due to their calming, anti-inflammatory properties. Use your warm compress 4 to 5 times a day to try and coax the blockage out.


The Bruder Mask

This is a fantastic and effective form of warm compress and we have Bruder Masks for sale at iSight. This small, cloth eye mask contains moisture retaining micro beads. Fully reusable and washable, it is a great addition to your home remedies and can offer years of relief for every member of the family. Simply heat the Bruder mask in the microwave for 20 seconds and use up to 5 minutes on top of your closed eyelids. This method delivers soothing, moist heat at 140*F, the temperature required to liquefy oil sections within the eyelid glands. It can be difficult to achieve and maintain this temperature when relying on warm compresses. Definitely a handy item to keep in your medicine cupboard!

The majority of minor sties resolve themselves within a week to 10 days. If you are not experiencing relief or do not wish to self-diagnose, feel free to book an appointment at iSight Optometry in Kelowna or visit your family doctor. At times, prescription eye drops may be required for stubborn infections. Surgery may be required in rare instances.


Preventative Measures

Always wash your hands prior to touching your eyes, inserting your contact lenses or applying makeup. If you have a stye it is a good time to take a break from wearing eye makeup until your infection is completely healed. Throw away old mascara and thoroughly wash out all makeup brushes with soap and water. The professional team at iSight Optometry recommends avoiding your contact lenses (if possible) and wearing your favourite eye glasses instead in the event of any eye infection. Try to get into the habit of only touching your right eye with your right hand and your left eye with your left hand in order to prevent spreading any bacteria to your healthy eye.

Change your pillow cases and wash bedding upon discovering the stye. If your child is fighting the infection, wash any favourite toy stuffed animals to help prevent re-infection. Sometimes, eyes can become crusted shut when dealing with an infection and exudate may drain onto your bedding while asleep. If this situation occurs, rely on warm compresses to open the eye and do not force the eye open. You can try cleaning the area with a tear-free baby shampoo solution applied with a Q-Tip to help disinfect.

Keeping the eye area as hygienic as possible is the best way to avoid a recurrence. Ensure you are using a reputable contact lens solution to clean and store your contacts. Wash your delicate eye area carefully everyday and avoid falling asleep without removing all of your eye makeup.


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