Sustainable Eye Care: World Sight Day Oct 13

Sight is often the most treasured of the five senses. Experiencing the world and its diversity of color assists us in understanding, and ultimately learning about our surroundings. Supporting sustainable eye care can make the difference between a life of poverty or a life of opportunity. Participating in World Sight Day 2015, marked the 9th annual challenge of inviting eye care professionals and their patients to raise funds throughout the months of September and October to assist over 600 million individuals globally who are needlessly visually impaired. ISight Optometry is committed to supporting programs such as Optometry Giving Sight who held World Sight Day and allocated $1.6 million to 34 projects in 29 countries in 2015. These contributions directly influenced supporting 12 optometry schools in developing countries.

ISight Optometry is a proud participant of World Sight Day 2015 and would like to take this opportunity to thank our professional team and patients who contributed to the awareness of blindness and visual impairments. For more information about Optometry Giving Sight and to prepare for World Sight Day 2016 please visit