Everything You Need to Know About Eye Exams in Kelowna

Everything You Need to Know About Eye Exams in Kelowna

Getting your eyes checked regularly is crucial for maintaining optimal vision and eye health. Whether you’re looking for information on the cost of an eye exam or what’s included in a comprehensive eye test, we’ve got you covered. iSight Optometry in Kelowna is your trusted partner in ensuring that your vision is at its best.

How Much is an Eye Exam?

When searching for eye care, one of the primary concerns for many is the eye exam cost. At iSight Optometry Kelowna, we ensure that our services are affordable and transparent. Prices can vary based on the depth of the exam and any additional services or tests. It’s always best to consult directly with our optical centre to get an accurate estimate.

Eye Test Near Me: Why Choose iSight Optometry?

Walk in optometrist

If you’re in Kelowna, look no further than Isight Optometry. As a leading optical vision centre, we provide both scheduled and walk-in eye exams. Whether you’re planning ahead or need a walk-in optometrist on short notice, we’re here to assist.

What Does an Eye Exam Include?

An eye exam at iSight Optometry offers a thorough assessment of your vision and overall eye health. It’s not merely about figuring out if you need glasses or contact lenses; it delves into several essential aspects of your visual system.

1. Your Visual Acuity

Visual acuity measures the clarity or sharpness of your vision. Patients typically read letters from top to bottom on a Snellen chart during the test. The smaller the letters you can read, the better your visual acuity. A 20/20 vision means you can see at 20 feet what a person with normal vision can see at that distance.

2. Eye Muscle Performance

Our eyes have several muscles that allow them to move. During an eye exam, the optometrist will check for weak muscles, uncoordinated movement, and involuntary eye movement. This test checks if both eyes are functioning properly together. It also checks for any strain that could lead to issues such as crossed eyes or lazy eye.

3. Potential Signs of Diseases

One of the vital aspects of an eye exam is screening for diseases. The optometrist will look for signs of glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, and diabetic retinopathy, among others. Early detection of these conditions can lead to timely treatment and potentially prevent vision loss.

4. Depth Perception

Depth perception, or stereopsis, refers to the ability to judge distances and perceive the world in three dimensions. The eye doctor will use tests with patterns or pictures to see how well your eyes work together to see depth.

5. Colour Vision

Testing colour vision is essential to determine if a patient has a colour deficiency or blindness. Patients will view pictures with coloured dots and actively search for patterns or numbers within them. This test helps diagnose conditions like red-green colour blindness, among other types.

Are Eye Exams Free in BC?

In Canada, BC residents usually have to pay for eye exams unless they qualify for certain medical exceptions. Check with your insurance or our optical centre for discounts or coverage options.


How Often Should I Get My Eyes Checked?

Regular eye exams are essential, even if you think your vision is perfect. It’s recommended that adults have their eyes checked every 1-2 years. However, if you have existing eye conditions or other health concerns, more frequent visits might be necessary.

What is the Difference Between an Eye Test and an Eye Exam?

Isight optometry KelownaAn eye test typically refers to basic tests to determine prescription for glasses or contacts. An eye exam, however, is more comprehensive and evaluates overall eye health and function.

Do I Need a Routine Eye Exam?

Absolutely! Routine eye exams can catch early signs of diseases and ensure that any changes in vision are addressed promptly. Early detection is crucial to maintaining good vision and healthy eyes. Your Optometrist works closely with both family physicians and Ophthalmologists to provide you with the best managed care.

How Do I Know if I Need an Eye Test?

If you have headaches, blurry vision, trouble reading, or other eye problems, it’s time for an eye test. If your eyes are red, painful, or if your vision suddenly gets worse, see an optometrist for an emergency eye test right away.

How Long Does an Eye Test Take?

An Isight Optometry test can last 30 minutes to an hour, depending on how thorough the eye examination is. Contact our expert optometrist for personalized insights.

Do You Get Eye Test Results Straight Away?

Yes, our optical centre will promptly inform you of the results after your exam. Our eye doctors will guide you through the next steps if you need any further tests or interventions.

At iSight Optometry, we’re dedicated to ensuring that your eyes receive the best care possible. Whether it’s your first visit or you’re a returning patient, our commitment remains the same. Schedule your appointment or walk in for a check-up today.