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Kelowna Optometrist Explains Nearsightedness Vs Farsightedness

You may have heard of nearsightedness and farsightedness before, but, what are they? It can be easy to get these two terms mixed up. Near and farsightedness are some of the most common issues our patients at iSight Optometry encounter. If you’re having troubles seeing things close up, or far away, it may be time […]

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Farsightedness: How Far Are You Holding Your Reading Away From You These Days?

We have all seen it…people holding their menus, maps and cell phones at arm’s length, desperately trying to make out the print. Hyperopia or farsightedness is a common refractive condition that can causes distant objects to become clearer than closer objects. However, not everyone experiences this eye condition in the same way. Farsightedness can affect […]

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Sunglasses Trends for 2016

Sunglasses are an important accessory for both men and women. In addition, it is important to wear sunglasses to protect your vision and eye health. Sunglasses need to be both stylish and practical, and, as every person is unique, so too do you need to choose a style that fits your unique ‘look’. There’s also […]