New Acuvue Transition Contacts

New Acuvue Transition Contacts

Summertime is right around the corner here in the Okanagan! While we believe it’s important to protect your eyes all year round, sunny days pose a challenge for contact lens wearers. The sun hits your face, and your immediate reaction is to squint, right? Not if you’re wearing Acuvue’s Transition Contacts.  

These innovative new contact lenses could change the way you think about corrective lenses and eye protection! Whether you’re gearing up for summer or looking for a way to help protect your eyes from harsh fluorescent lighting, keep reading to learn more about Acuvue Transition Contacts. 

What are Acuvue Transition Contacts?  

Imagine never feeling the eye strain from bright sunlight or spending hours under fluorescent bulbs. This Acuvue light-sensitive and vision correcting contact lens filters the amount of light entering your eyes and automatically lighten or darken. These lenses adjust with Light Intelligent Technology to seamlessly adapt to changing the light. 

Whether you’re playing sports in the sun or working under uncomfortable office lighting, Acuvue Transition Contacts will adjust to the light, helping your eyes relax and maximizing comfort. 

Acuvue Transition Contacts

Award Winning Invention  

These contacts are an entirely new category of lenses. Just recently made available, these contact lenses were included in Time’s Best Inventions of 2018. Every year, the magazine honours inventions that are in their words, “better, smarter, and even a bit more fun”. According to Time, the company “had to overcome a huge technology hurdle to make this happen”. These revolutionary contacts have been in development for over a decade in partnership with Transitions Optical. They recently received FDA clearance and will be available here at iSight Optometry!  

Innovative Technology  

Acuvue Transition Contacts maximize your eye’s comfort by automatically adjusting to light whether you’re inside or outside.  While they’re not a replacement for sunglasses, they provide 100% protection against UVB rays. The lenses help block light inside and outside to help you reduce squinting and increase comfort. The photochromic technology within the lenses activate in less than a minute when exposed to bright light and fade back within 90 seconds.  

Acuvue Transition Contacts at iSight Optometry  

Are you interested in trying the new Acuvue Oasys with Transitions? Stop by iSight for a Contact Lens Fitting today. Our optometrists will find the right lens for your eyes if you’ve never worn contacts before. We also offer contact lens assessments for current contact lens wearers. Our optometrists want to make sure you have the best vision possible with the most comfortable and healthy lenses available.  

Book an appointment with iSight today for a contact lens fitting or to learn more about Acuvue Transition Contacts!