What Are the Benefits of Wearing Blue Light Blocking Glasses?

What Are the Benefits of Wearing Blue Light Blocking Glasses?

It’s not uncommon for most of our patients to come home after a long day and unwind by reading an ebook, browsing social media on their smartphone or watching tv. However, more and more studies are showing that blue light eye damage is something to be concerned about. While blue light isn’t all bad, blue light can affect the quality of your sleep, your circadian rhythm and contribute to eye strain. We get a lot of questions regarding blue light and your eye health. Are there benefits of wearing blue light blocking glasses to help your sleep? Keep reading to find out.  

Blue Light and Your Circadian Rhythm

The experts say that blue light tells our brains that it isn’t time to sleep.  

Your circadian rhythm is your sleep-wake cycle that is regulated by the amount of light you see. Many of us encounter blue light throughout our day from the sun, LED lights, and our electronic devices.  

If you’re exposed to too much blue light before bed, it can alter your body’s circadian rhythm.  If this happens, it can have devastating effects on your sleep quality and overall health. Your circadian rhythm controls your wakefulness and the individual clocks that dictate functions in your body’s organs.  

When you’re exposed to blue light before bed, it can hinder you from having your best night’s sleep 

benefits of wearing blue light blocking glasses

Benefits of Wearing Blue Light Blocking Glasses 

In the midst of all the buzz around blue light and how it affects your health, you’ve likely heard of blue light blocking glasses. Unfortunately, blue light is almost everywhere. From LED lights to your smartphone screen, and even the sun, there’s no escaping the blue light in your daily life. While exposure to blue light isn’t all bad, reducing your exposure, especially in the hours before you go to bed, can help you get better sleep, reduce eye strain and keep your circadian rhythm functioning optimally.  

There are many benefits of wearing blue light blocking glasses. Typically clear, these glasses can be worn at work, during the day, and especially before bed to reduce the negative effects of blue light on your eyes.  

However, if you’re experiencing eye strain or a poor night’s sleep, keep in mind there could be a number of factors influencing this. While blocking blue light will certainly help, it may not be the whole solution.  

Blue Light Filters on Sunglasses and Electronic Devices 

While there are benefits of wearing blue light blocking glasses, there are also a few other ways to protect your eyes from the harmful effects of blue light.  

Many sunglasses, including the ones we have here at iSight, contain blue light blocking technology to protect your eyes from the harmful blue light found in the sun.  

Additionally, your computer monitor may have some options to reduce the blue light projected. Some smartphones and computers even have blue light blocking technology built in. Check out the specifics of your device online to see if your screen has this already.  

While this can’t hurt, some experts believe there are more benefits of blue light blocking glasses. 

iSight Optometry: Helping You Reduce Eye Strain 

If you spend a lot of time staring at a screen and you’re experiencing symptoms of eye strain, blurred vision or headaches, it could be related to blue light. You may want to discuss a solution that’s right for you, such as the best blue light blocking glasses for your eyes. 

Our Kelowna optometrists here at iSight Optometry are happy to help you reduce eye strain and keep your circadian rhythm in check in any way we can.  

When you are ready for your next check-up, or should you have any questions about blue-light and how it affects your health, give us a call at 250.860.2020!