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woman choosing best eyeglasses for face shape

How to Find the Best Eyeglasses for Your Face Shape  

Finding the best eyeglasses for your face shape doesn’t have to be difficult! While it can seem overwhelming to see a huge selection of eyeglasses to choose from in your Kelowna Optometrist’s office, such as iSight, there are a few ways you can narrow down your selection. One of the best ways to know what […]

kelowna optometry back to school eye exam 2

Kelowna Optometrist Explains the Importance of a Back To School Eye Exam

For many families, the start of September is like the start of a new year. Summer is ending, the air is getting crisper, and if you have kids, they’re headed back to school once again. If you’re like most parents, you want your kids to have every opportunity to succeed and do their best in […]

optometrist eyeglasses vision eye cataracts nearsighted farsighted sight surgery isight optometry kelowna

Common Types of Cataracts and Treatments

The biggest indicator that you have cataracts is clouded vision. Scheduling an eye exam with your optometrist in Kelowna is a vital step in determining if you have cataracts. Your routine eye examination will detect cataracts and other eye problems in the earliest stages, which will help your eye doctor access the type of cataract […]

blue light blocking glasses isight optometry kelowna optometrist

Benefits of Blue Light Blocking Glasses

If you work an office job, chances are you spend a lot of time staring at your computer screen. Computer screens, office lights and even the sun, project visible and invisible light rays that can have a range of effect on our eyes. However, one light ray that seems to be in the spotlight a […]

Kelowna Optometrist | iSight Optometry kelowna optometry student eye exams

Did Your Kids Pass School Eye Sight Tests? Need an Expert Opinion?

Many Okanagan schools offer vision screening tests for their students. This very basic eye test primarily focuses on vision acuity and sharpness, colour blindness and whether a refractive error may be present. It does not replace a comprehensive eye exam or enable the practitioner to perform many professional tests. Parents may receive a newsletter stating […]

Kelowna Optometrist | iSight Optometry Coloured Costume Halloween Contacts | iSight Optometry

Why You Should Avoid Coloured Contacts this Halloween

It is Halloween season once again! While it can be tempting to complement your creepy costume with some disposable coloured contact lenses, iSight Optometry in Kelowna recommends skipping the spooky, generic brands.  Eye safety and ocular health should take precedence over an image you are seeking to portray. Remember, contact lenses are considered medical devices. […]

Kelowna Optometrist | iSight Optometry Kelowna Optometrist Explains: Where Eye Colour Comes From

Kelowna Optometrist Explains: Where Eye Colour Comes From!

Our eyes are extremely unique and simply amazing! They begin to form a mere two weeks after conception and continue to change throughout our lifetime. Babies are first born with no melanin in their eyes, providing them with an initial bluish colour. It takes a few years for the permanent eye colour to come into […]

September 12, 2017 News, Optometry Advice
Kelowna Optometrist | iSight Optometry Nearsighted Farsighted - Kelowna Optometrist | iSight Optometry

The Differences Between Nearsightedness and Farsightedness

If you have been recently diagnosed with either of these conditions, you may have some questions as to what these medical conditions actually mean in terms of eye functionality. Many people who have lived with these conditions are unaware as to why they affect their eyesight. Getting your eyes checked regularly will ensure that these […]

Glaucoma - Eye Exam | iSight Optometry

Optometrist in Kelowna Explains: What is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a group of eye disorders that cause damage the optical nerve. The early stages of the disease are often painless, with few to no symptoms, meaning your regular eye checkups are essential to early detection of these ocular disorders. Most cases of glaucoma cause damage by a rise of pressure within the eye. […]

Kelowna Optometrist | iSight Optometry iSight Optometry Kelowna | Ocular Hypertension

Kelowna Optometrist Explains: What is Ocular Hypertension?

You may be familiar with the term hypertension, as this is generally used to describe high blood pressure. Ocular hypertension is the medical term used to describe high pressure within the eye. Though the terms sound similar, a person’s blood pressure does not have a direct effect on his or her eye pressure, meaning a […]

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