Best Ways To Care for Monthly Contacts 

Best Ways To Care for Monthly Contacts 

Fragile, slippery and practically invisible, your monthly contacts require daily attention for optimum eye health. You can get a serious eye infection if you don’t take proper care.

Follow these healthy habits to make the most of your monthly contacts:

  • Always wash your hands with soap and water before you touch your eyes or handle your contacts.
  • Remove contacts before swimming, bathing or when there is a potential to get water in your eye.
  • Use new solution every day, don’t top up your case; rinse it out and use fresh solution.
  • Rub and rinse your lenses when you take them out (even if you are using a no-rub, “self-cleaning” solution. Gently rub your contacts with clean fingers to remove buildup and then rinse.
  • Ensure you have enough contact solution when you travel and bring an extra pair.
  • Apply eye makeup after you have inserted your contacts

Quality Cleansing & Storing Solution Is Essential for Monthly Contacts

Investing in a quality cleansing and disinfecting solution can help you maximize the comfort of your contacts. Be sure to read all instructions carefully…peroxide-based contact solutions are ideal for providing a deep clean, especially if you are prone to white dots or protein deposits forming on your daily or monthly contacts.

Remember, if you are using a hydrogen peroxide-based contact solution that has to sit for 6 hours…there are no shortcuts!

You have to use the correct contact lens case with these special solutions for them to work. If you try to use a peroxide-based solution in a traditional plastic lens storage case, they will irritate and burn your eyes (even long after 6 hours) as they need the proper case (that comes with this type of solution) to neutralize properly.


Avoiding Disaster

If you do accidentally insert your monthly contacts into your eyes before the peroxide solution has the full 6-hour minimum to clean and neutralize, it will burn and be immediately uncomfortable. Remove your contacts right away and start flushing your eyes for at least 15 minutes until they feel better.

Avoid Over-wearing Your Monthly Contacts

Over-wearing your monthly contacts can lead to a host of issues for your precious peepers! It can be easy to lose track of time or to fall asleep with your monthly contacts. iSight Optometry in Kelowna has some great tips to help you keep your eyes safe and healthy.

Keep track of your monthly contacts easier by:

  • Change your contacts on the same day each month (track on your calendar, or make a reminder on your phone)
  • Inspect your lenses daily for signs of protein build-up and tears
  • Switch to a higher quality protein dissolving contact solution
  • Book annual eye exams to monitor eye health and wellness
  • Never rinse lenses with water as it contains impurities and you may lose them down the sink!

Daily Care For Your Monthly Contacts

Monitor how long you wear your monthly contacts each day AND be honest with us at your next eye exam. If you are guilty of over-wearing your monthly contacts, please let us know!

Everyone’s eyes are different. Some brands state up to 12 hours of continuous wear; however, listen to your body. If you are experiencing dry, irritated or itchy eyes or constantly blinking your contact lenses out, let us know. Wearing the wrong type of lenses can lead to scratches on your cornea or worse.

Book Your Contact Lens Fitting With Us!

iSight Optometry has the best monthly contacts to suit your needs. Some clients need to switch to thinner brands that allow more oxygen into their eyes. Other clients prefer to carry some eye drops in case wind or interior heating wreaks havoc. Toric lenses can help prevent the lenses from spinning and falling out. Never hesitate to discuss your concerns with us.

Book your contact lens fitting with us today to find the affordable monthly contacts that are comfortable for your eyes.