Kelowna Eye Care: Get Your Eyes Checked Before Winter Vacation!

Kelowna Eye Care: Get Your Eyes Checked Before Winter Vacation!


The chillier temperatures have many people thinking about winter vacation. Your Kelowna eye care specialists at iSight Optometry want to help you enjoy clear vision today and always.

Booking an eye checkup and vision testing before your trip is essential. Optimum eye health can ensure that you are seeing and reading clearly. You don’t want to accidentally step on that stingray in the sand or not be able to decipher a menu while you are traveling.

Kelowna Eye Care For the Entire Family

Our family-friendly optometry clinic is happy to help every member from your youngest child to Great-Grandma and anyone in between.

Regular eye exams are typically conducted every 1 to 2 years. Vision changes can occur gradually and our bodies often adjust and overcompensate. Bonus many extended medical plans cover the basic eye exam or will reimburse the fee to a given percentage.

Visual Acuity Tests

We conduct a comprehensive range of tests for your Kelowna eye care. Reading an eye chart measures how sharp your vision is. We use specialty tools to look at your optic nerve and various structure of your eyes.

Beware of online eye tests as they do not pick up on critical red flags. A computer is unable to replace a highly-trained optometrist. Some of the key items we are looking for include:

  • Glaucoma
  • Diabetic Retinopathy
  • Age-related macular degeneration
  • Cataracts
  • Ocular Motility Testing (eye movements)
  • Colour Blindness
  • Pupil dilation
  • Stereopsis (depth perception)

family-eyecare-Kelowna-eye-care-iSight-OptometryKelowna Eye Care @ iSight Optometry

Clients undergo a simple cover test to check how well the eyes are aligned. Discovering how well your eyes coordinate together is vital.

If one eye seems to be working harder than the other, or taking longer to fixate on the target, it could indicate amblyopia or “lazy eye,” or strabismus.

Early intervention is the best way to work with the muscles and fix the underlying problem.

We Make Kelowna Eye Care Fun & Exciting!

Our experienced and professional team enjoys educating our clients. We are always happy to explain the type of eye testing we are doing and why.

Younger patients are often excited to hear we can see inside of their eyes with our special machines! We are happy to answer any questions and concerns along the way.

There is zero to minimal discomfort associated with our comprehensive eye exams. Certain tests may include eye drops that dilate the pupils and eyes can become ultra-sensitive to light. We can discuss your eye exams in more detail during booking.

Great Selection of Glasses, Sunglasses & Prescription Contacts

Our clinic has the best selection of Kelowna eye care products in town! We have a variety of brand name frames and contacts and sunglasses that can become prescription in time for the glaring snow reflection! Protect your eyes year-round with the right gear and the most comfortable and stylish options for the entire family.

Book Your Kelowna Eye Care Exam Today

We want you to enjoy the most of your vacation. Booking eye exams before your trip allows you to some flexibility for traveling with the right prescription.

Maximize your eyesight and your memories by letting our friendly team take care of your Kelowna eye care needs.