Top 10 Tips for Contact Lens Wearers in Kelowna

iSight Optometry in Kelowna is dedicated to ensuring our clients have healthy, happy eyes. Educating contact wearers on proper care, insertion and removal techniques and disposal is essential to avoid bacterial contamination and avoidable inflammation. Wearing your lenses should be comfortable and easy. If it isn’t, book an appointment so we can take a closer look.

Keep a Spare Pair of Glasses

While it can be tempting to toss your old glasses into our donation box the day you pick up your contacts; we advise you to at least keep one good pair of current prescription glasses on hand. If you have old glasses that you are not wearing; by all means, please let us donate them! Having a back up pair is important for those times you find yourself running out of lenses or dealing with an accidental tear, damaged or lost lens.

Hand Washing Habits

Getting into the practice of washing your hands prior to touching your eyes is very important. Clean hands are necessary every time you put your contacts in for the day or remove them. Avoid using creams or lotions prior to touching your lenses as a chemical film can burn your eyes and leave you seeing red.

Visually Inspect Lenses Prior to Insertion 

We teach every new contact client how to see if their lenses are “inside out” or not. Get into the habit of checking your lens on your finger tip prior to placing in your eye. It can be easy to accidentally turn your contact inside out when you are gently massaging to clean away build up or it can even happen when you pick your lens up quickly. Taking a peek before inserting will additionally ensure no stray fuzz or particles are attached.

Contact Case Care

iSight Optometry recommends replacing your contact lens case every three months or even sooner. Utilize the new cases that typically come with your fresh box of solution. Wash your case daily and let it air dry while you are wearing your lenses. Some clients even place their case in hot water from time to time to kill potential bacteria. If you travel and your contact lens case is often swimming at the bottom of a purse, gym bag or backpack; we recommend making a travel kit with a clean pencil case or Ziploc bag to keep it free from debris.

Solution Considerations

Always read the label on your contact lens solution; particularly if you are experimenting with a new brand. Multi-purpose solutions are great for cleaning and storing lenses; however, they don’t always take care of gritty protein deposits. If you decide to use a hydrogen peroxide based solution that requires placing your contacts in a basket like case for 6 to 12 hours; be sure to follow these instructions. Placing contacts back into your eyes prior to the solution neutralizing can cause pain and inflammation. Some people like having both types of solution on hand. If they know they will be inserting their lenses in less than 6 hours, they rely on the multipurpose formula. If they are going to bed for the night, they may opt for a heavy duty peroxide cleaning cycle.

UV Blocking Sunglasses in the Okanagan

Opting for contacts is a lifestyle change, especially if you have been wearing transition lenses on your eye glasses. Many clients are not used to the brightness reflected from sun, sand and snow when they begin wearing their lenses. iSight Optometry in Kelowna has an excellent selection of quality sunglasses that block UV rays available for the entire family.

Be Honest About Over-Wearing Your Contacts

Accurately reporting your contact wearing habits to your optometrist every year is vital. While most lenses are suitable for 8 to 12 hours of wear; many clients get into the bad habit of falling asleep with them in or wearing them longer than 12 hours. Be honest with your usage so that we can monitor any discomfort, inflammation, dehydration or irritation. Having an up-to-date medical history on your file is important in the event any issues from over-wearing your contacts do occur in the future.

Order Cosmetic or Decorative Lenses From Us, Not Online

Spooktacular contact lenses are a blast around holidays such as Halloween. The variety of coloured lenses has dramatically increased over the years too. If you are interested in cosmetic or decorative lenses, iSight Optometry can fulfill your order with a safe and reputable brand. Online ordering can be tempting but may lead to poor quality lenses that can scratch or damage your eyes.

Swimming in Okanagan Lake

Non-chlorinated water can be a breeding ground for bacteria and microbes. Even if you have a skookum pair of water-tight goggles, we recommend having some saline solution or rewetting drops with you at all times. This is a great way to be prepared when you’re at your favourite beach in the event you get splashed with potentially contaminated water. Keep a travel kit available to disinfect your contact lenses. This can save you from a nasty eye infection.

Discomfort, Redness and Irritation…Don’t Ignore Your Eye Health

Different contact lenses fit differently. If you have astigmatism, you might find toric lenses more stable and comfortable. Contact lenses come in different thicknesses. People often gravitate to a favourite brand once they try a few different pairs. If you experience eye discomfort of any kind; pay attention. Come back and see us so that we can ensure there is no eye infection setting in. Wear your glasses at the first sign of discomfort so that your eyes can rest and rejuvenate.

Contact Eye Exam in Kelowna

Our experienced team of doctors is ready to help you take the next step. Whether you are new to wearing contacts or want to check that your current pair is fitting correctly, we can help.

Contact iSight Optometry today and book your contact eye exam.