Now is an excellent time to check into your current benefit package and see what is remaining on this year’s vision care plan. The old saying “use it or lose it!” applies to many vision insurance benefits. If your company has a flexible spending account or FSA it is essential that you check that you and your family are optimizing your benefits! Sadly, many of the unused portions of packages are not transferred over into the New Year; therefore, on January 1st, 2018 you may have another set annual amount kick in. Call us today to ensure you are able to finish up this years’ deductible before everything resets. iSight Optometry in Kelowna can help you maximize your potential for new eye glasses, sunglasses and safety wear by ensuring you use your hard earned benefits before its’ too late! Certain plans even allow for non-prescription glasses post LASIK surgery. Prescription sunglasses are another thing to explore with the icy glare and snowy days that are coming with winter’s arrival.


Prescriptions Can Change Suddenly

It is highly recommended that school age children have their eyes checked every year or two depending on their age and medical background. There are many factors that can influence your eyesight including hormones, puberty, pregnancy, age and hereditary factors. Our highly skilled team of optometrists will update your family’s medical history at each visit and ensure everyone undergoes a comprehensive eye exam to determine the health and wellbeing of your precious eyes. iSight Optometry Kelowna is conveniently located near Orchard Park Mall on Harvey for your family’s eye care needs. When is the last time your family had a thorough eye exam? Feel free to call us and we can check our records on your behalf and book you in at your earliest convenience.


Proper Fitting Eyewear Is Essential for Comfort 

Whether you are prefer contact lenses or eyeglasses, it is imperative that you are able to enjoy clear, happy vision for the duration of your wear time. Improperly fitting glasses can slide down your nose and may be causing your child grief during gym class. Improperly fitted contact lenses can leave you with lenses that seem to swim within your eyes or even blink out from time to time. There is no reason to have discomfort or ill-fitted eyewear. Our friendly and knowledgeable team can ensure that you are using the best products to maintain crystal clear vision 24/7.


Now Is a Great Time To Stock Up On a Back-Up Pair of Glasses!

Enjoy your benefits to the max and stock up on essentials while you can. Take advantage of your vision care benefits and explore another pair of frames or perhaps make the switch to contacts lenses. Depending on your career, safety glasses may be an essential component of your daily safety wear. It doesn’t take much to crack, scratch or bend your glasses. iSight Optometry in Kelowna has seen it all! Set yourself and your family up for success in 2018 by maximizing your 2017 vision care benefits now.

Call us today at 250-860-2020 to schedule your Contact Lens Fitting, Comprehensive Eye Exam, Ocular Disease Checkup, or even to see if you are eligible for LASIK or PRK.